Working Together is Easy Peasy

First, I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs. It’s basically a no-obligation chat – where you tell me about your financial goals, and your business—and I tell you how I might be able to help. Look here for more info about my approach to bookkeeping.

The process

Here’s what you can expect if we work together:

  • We talk/share/goal-seek.
  • I quote—giving you an accurate estimate for the work
  • We discuss method of payment for monthly bookkeeping and consultation work
  • We talk more. You provide financial details, either I pick up your box of paper or electronically (and securely) give me access to data. I delve deeper. We talk about what I uncover initially and I start on the work
  • I keep your books updated, payroll on track, taxes submitted on time, and give practical advice so you are satisfied.

The goods

  • I review your books and financials to look for ways to clean up the process, catch you back up, or recommend ways of improving your business.
  • I look for issues in your financials and books because it helps your business and I’m a details person. I’m confident in finding something significant that I offer a guarantee (link to page).
  • I’m certified and trained in bookkeeping and payroll; and I teach payroll at Sprott Shaw Community College.
  • I work with an accountant, DA Levinson & Associates, who I regularly recommend clients to for incorporation and accountant work.
  • I follow national and international guidelines and rules for bookkeeping.

Ready to share? Tell me about your business, and I can give you a no-obligation price quote. Call or email to set up a free 30-minute consultation today.