You shouldn’t be buried trying to keep up with payments & payroll

Payroll and payments on time, every time.

1. Vendor/Supplier Payments

Approved payments can be made on your behalf through third party apps. This saves you valuable time and stress.

2. Government Remittances

Government calculations and on-line filing can be done on your behalf for Work Safe, GST, PST and Payroll Remittances.

3. Payroll

Whether you have 2 or 22 employees, processing your payroll will provide you and your employees with on-line pay stub access and direct deposits.

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Paperless Conversion

Snap a picture, forward an e-mail, or scan your receipts/invoices directly to an app and we take it from there.


Cloud Based Platforms

The need to bring your laptop or request statements from your book keeper is a thing of the past. Use any device to access any business data anywhere, anytime.


Ease of Use

Our technology stack is easy to use, and lets you understand your books without the need to be a finance pro.


Instant Access, Anywhere

Accessing your books on the go can help you make informed decisions, without having to wait for updated financials at the end of the period. 


Saving Money on Your Annual Tax Return

Drastically cut down the time it takes your Accountant to file for the fiscal year end. Our systems gather your data as the year unfolds, ensuring all tax documents required by your Accountant are complete in the file sent.


Accountant Approved

Our standardized protocols and procedures are consistent throughout our firm ensuring an accurate, complete, verified file package is delivered to your Accountant

Story Time!

A construction company came to us to help them go paperless and get invoices to their clients in a more professional looking manner. In the process of converting their current fiscal year into the cloud accounting software it was discovered that $12K in construction materials for one job was not billed to the client in the previous months. That project was still ongoing and we could recapture those costs that could have been missed. Going forward our system allows this client to wait on billing their clients as we discover that certain invoices have not been received by the vendors yet. This delay of a couple of days improves their monthly cash flow by $30-100K as all monthly expenses are now passed on at the end of the month that they were incurred. This also stabilizes their profit and loss reporting for both monthly and year end performance when the revenue invoice matches the expenses for those 30 day periods. In construction a 30 day expense shift can make your business look like you lost money in a particular year and prevent you from getting the next land development loan/mortgage.

Positive Statements

Be burden free and financially focused.