Bookkeepers are a crucial member of your business’ team.

Bookkeeping is the bridge between your day-to-day business operations and your Accountant.

1. Strategy

The numbers tell the story of your business, which allows us to advise you on how to utilize your money to your best benefit on an ongoing basis. Profit margins, cost savings, labour and marketing opportunities etc.

2. Cash Flow Management

Consultation on future projects to support your decision making on cash allocation.

3. Advocacy

Representation with the CRA and other government bodies so you can focus on your business.

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We have helped businesses just like yours access their books in real time with a minimal need for book keeping and accounting skills

How Positive Statements Can Help You


Paperless Conversion

Snap a picture, forward an e-mail, or scan your receipts/invoices directly to an app and we take it from there.


Cloud Based Platforms

The need to bring your laptop or request statements from your book keeper is a thing of the past. Use any device to access any business data anywhere, anytime.


Ease of Use

Our technology stack is easy to use, and lets you understand your books without the need to be a finance pro.


Instant Access, Anywhere

Accessing your books on the go can help you make informed decisions, without having to wait for updated financials at the end of the period. 


Saving Money on Your Annual Tax Return

Drastically cut down the time it takes your Accountant to file for the fiscal year end. Our systems gather your data as the year unfolds, ensuring all tax documents required by your Accountant are complete in the file sent.


Accountant Approved

Our standardized protocols and procedures are consistent throughout our firm ensuring an accurate, complete, verified file package is delivered to your Accountant

Story Time!

A construction company came to an accountant at year end with a full year of receipts organized by project at tax time. This accounting firm was tasked to use their more expensive staff to organize and manually compile these now proven records into their accounting software before they could even start preparing the taxes. This utilized their tax prep team for 30 hours at a discounted bookkeeping rate with little to no profit margin for this firm. The following year this same construction company submitted the fiscal year from Positive Statements with all the accounts clearly proven out in a format that the accounting firm could simply upload to their tax software. It took their tax team 3 hours to complete the taxes for filing leaving the remaining 7 hours budgeted for profit. This also frees up the accounting firm to complete a minimum of two more tax files that have a base charge therefore tripling their profit potential from the previous year with the same client.

Positive Statements

Be burden free and financially focused.